Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Celebrities join Daily Mirror's blitz on blades

Super Model Naomi Campbell said: "I totally support The People's March. There are far too many young people carrying knives and too many people are dying."

Boxer Amir Khan agreed: "All communities need to address the problems of knife crime and I am proud to give my support."
He urged our readers: "It's time for us all to stand together.
Children of all ages have to be taught that carrying knives or using them is unacceptable."

Singer Jamelia, whose brother Tesrod, 15, was stabbed to death in 1992, said: "I'll speak out against violence whenever I can. In interviews, in songs, in my life. If you stay silent you're part of the problem."

X Factor's Louis Walsh added: "I'm 100 percent behind this campaign. We must get knives off the streets."

Coronation Street's Jack P Shepherd said: "Anything which can help stem the knife menace has my backing. People have to learn that carrying knives isn't acceptable.

TV's Vernon Kay: "It is tragic how many young children have died in stabbing attacks, it's a complete waste of life. I don't want my daughter to grow up in fear of leaving the house, and I'm sure every other mother or father feels the same way."

And boxer Ricky Hatton said: "People think nothing of taking knives on nights out with them. Smoking is banned in pubs so I don't see why knives shouldn't be banned.
"And if it means the extra expense of fitting airport style metal detectors then so be it.
"Failing that people should be searched.
"Anyone taking a knife out with them are n't going out to enjoy themselves - they're out for trouble."

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