Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Stop Knives: Families back show of unity

Five grieving families say: Colin, dad of Harry Potter actor Robert Knox, 18, killed in May in Sidcup, South East London: "I'm all for it. The more who march and get involved, the more the Government will listen."

Grace, mum of David Idowu, 14, stabbed on his way home from school in South London: "I am very supportive of the People's March - and any effort to tackle the menace of gun and knife crime that is taking over our society."

Adele, fiancee of Kevin Johnson, 22, stabbed confronting three teenage thugs outside his Sunderland home in May 2007: "This is a wonderful and positive idea from the Daily Mirror. It really is time the carnage was stopped.
"I congratulate the Mirror for taking firm action when politicians only promise to help end this scourge and judges are tied by soft sentencing guidelines."

Josie, mum of Daniel Pollen, 20, the Southampton University student killed at a bus stop in Romford, Essex: "We have to make a stand against the abhorrence of knife crime.

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